Fall 2016 Parent Infant & Toddler Classes Now enrolling



Silver Spring

Acorn Hill Waldorf Kindergarten and Nursery

Parent Infant I -For a parent and infant 6 weeks to creeping- Thursdays 11:30-12:45 Sept. 29-Dec. 8
Parent Infant II- Parent mobile babies and new walkers to 16 months Fridays 11:30-1:00 Sept. 30-Dec.9
Parent Toddler– Parent and Toddler 14 months (w/confident walking)- 2 years 3 months Choose:
  • Thursdays 9-11   OR
  • Fridays   9-11

September 22/23 to December 15/16


Washington Waldorf School

Moon Garden For parent and infant 6 weeks -9 months–Wed. 11:00- 12:15 Starts September 21

Star Garden Parent Toddler for parent and baby/toddler 10 months- 2 years  Starts September 20/21                    Choose:

Tuesday mornings 9:45-11:30 OR

Wednesday mornings 8:45-10:30

About the classes

My Parent Infant and Parent Toddler classes are based on insights about the young child   from Emmi Pikler, Magda Gerber, Rudolf Steiner, and Infant Observation community. I also highly value the individual parent’s ‘parenting intuition’ and work to strengthen that so a parent can make informed parenting choices based on good current research, along with  the observation of THIS child in front of her.

Each class begins with a quiet settling in and observation time. A time to just be, to let our babies and toddlers be, and to observe the unfolding of their natural development.  The environment is calming and nourishing to the senses with developmentally appropriate, natural materials. In this way we can learn about who this child is, and begin to unpack and sort our expectations/projections from the child’s self.  We have a circle time to learn simple songs , baby games and lullabies, and in the toddler classes, there is a snack and outdoor time.

About the teacher (me)

I am a board certified dance/movement therapist, a Waldorf Birth to Three specialist, a RIE® intern, and I have taken  level I and II, and advanced Pikler™ courses in Budapest (2007, 2010, 2016), and continue my Pikler™ studies. The focus of my work is in supporting free, self initiated movement within a secure, warm, consistent relationship. I am currently enrolled in the Infant Observation Seminar at the Washington School of Psychiatry.