A Deepening Journey with Pikler®

“The joy of learning, by the way, does not always depend on the result. Trying something out without arriving at the goal can be as joyful an experience as a successful experiment. The moment itself brings joy and it would be difficult to decide in which instance the child learns the most ‘successful’ or ‘not successful’. These playful experiments are necessary parts and form the basis of future development.” – Dr. Emmi Pikler

Since 2007 I have been on a journey of deepening, of deepening my sensitivity and “tact” of deepening and widening the space inside myself. Of slowing down when I’m around children. Spaciousness and timelessness. Of noticing the quality of touch I use. Of deepening my trust and respect of each infant’s individuality and rate of development. This journey began when, in June of 2007, I first entered the doors of the Pikler® Institute in Budapest, Hungary. I was privileged that summer to be in the presence of such great teachers as Anna Tardos, Ute Strub, Eva Kallo, Gabriella Püspöki, Judith Falk, Maria Vincze. I was privileged also to be in Loczy—to sense what was practically emanating from the walls– deep thought and regard for infants and young children. Care giving that was so respectful it made me cry with gratitude that there is a place on this earth where baby humans are welcomed into this difficult earthly life with true warmth, care and respect.

Since that first summer, I have traveled to Budapest 2 more times and all over the US for training. In my own work as a birth to three parent child teacher and dance/movement psychotherapist, I have grown and profoundly increased my knowledge of early childhood development. I think I became a better  mother to my now two adult sons. At the core, though, it is really me as a person that has undergone the transformation. I am a better person, warmer, kinder, more respectful and more authentically me.

On this journey, I am honored to have the opportunity to be a Pikler® Pedagogue candidate.  But that will not be the destination, I will not be done. I will continue to deepen and broaden—to offer to others what I have internalized from my teachers.

I have profound gratitude to the Pikler Institute, to all my Pikler teachers and and colleagues in the journey. And for my luck or was it ‘destiny’ to discover this place. This has been and continues to be a journey of joyful learning.–Liz